Magic 3Dbox 2D to 3D HDMI Converter

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Magic 3Dbox,This HDMI 2D to 3D converter convert HDMI 2D format video from HDMI sources such as Blu-Ray players, DVD players, set-top boxes, PCs or other consumer electronic devices to 3D format video, people can enjoy 3D video on HDTV. When input is 3D format video, this converter passed it through to the HDMI output without any processing.and 3D TV is better

2D to 3D Converter

2D to 3D Converter




HDMI video input resolution:480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/ 108081080p/[email protected]/ [email protected]

HDMI video out  resolution:480p/576p720p/1080p (in the  mode of SBS-H, some TV can output resolution get well 3D effect when 720p and 1080p only)

HDMI 3D signal output forma  : Amber/Blue 3D(3DRC) SBS-H 3D

DDC signal: 5Vp-p(TTL)

TMDS signal :0.5-1.0Vp-p

Bandwidth: 25-225MHz

Output devices supported: 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV

Power supply: DC5V/1A

Working Temperature: -10°C - 60°C

Dimentions: 107x41.1x23.6mm

Packing list:

1.Magic 2D to 3D converter

2.User manual

3.Power supplier

4.3D glassess(Amber/Blue)



 3D HDTV with HDMI display 8 Flash 3D glass

 2D HDTV with HDMI display 8 Amber/Blue 30 glass

 Blu-ray player, DVD player and other devices with HDMI/DVI output



 Input: 1x HDMI

Output: 1x HDMI

Supports resolutions up to 1080p

Supports 2D to 3D SBS-H

Supports 2D to 3D amber/blue(3DRC)

Supports automatic 3D Bypass


A: Connect HDMI 2D to 3D converter (output side) to HDTV by HDMI cable.

B: Connect HDMI 2D to 3D converter (input side) to Blu-ray player and other HDMI devices by another HDMI cable, and power on, then choose HDMI channel for HDTV.


1. Bypass mode

Press "MODE" button, when Bypass LED lights up, original HDMI 2D signal output directly.

2. 3Dmode—side by side half 3D mode (SBS-H)

Press 'MODE" button, when "3D TV" lights up,(SBS-H) HOW 3D signal output, if HDTV can't read SBS-H signal automatically, please kindly adjust 3D HDTV 3D function. Please use the 3D glass supplied together with HDTV or HDTV factory suggested to watch 3D video. (This mode

is only for 3D HDTV, can't work with normal 2D HDTV.) Press “LEVEL" button, 3D image strength can be adjusted.

3. 3D mode—Amber/Blue 30 mode (3DRC)

Press 'MODE" button, when `2D TV" lights up, (3DRC) HDMI 3Dsignal output, please use the Amber/Blue 3D glass to watch 3D video. Press “LEVEL" button, 3D image strength can be adjusted.



Q: No picture output

A: Please check and make sure all the devices are well connected, the power LED lights up normally and HDTV channel is chosen right.(Recommended HDMI cable length is less then 10 metres.)

Q: Image color is abnormal or double image, or HDTV screen is devided into 2 screen.

A: If double image, the output is in the mode of Amber/ Blue 30 (3DRC), please wear Amber/Blue 3D glass to watch video.lf HDTV screen devided into 2 screen, and left side was the same as the right, the output is in the mode of Side by side 30 (355-H), please switch to the Amber/Blue 3D(3DRC) mode when use normal 2D HDTV or open 3D function when use 3D HDTV.

Q: What kind of TV can be used together with this device?

A: HDMI 30 TV and normal HDMI 2D TV.