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Cypress CY7C68013A EZ-USB FX2LP USB2.0 board

Use JTAG solve the IC problem for VU box Could ibox 100% band new and high quality CY7C68013A-56 chip: low-power version of the enhanced 51-core, ... more info

Model: CY7C68013A
Weight: 0.1lbs
In Stock: 987


DisEqC 8 in 1 Switch

  DisEqC 8 in 1 Switch Frequence Range:950-2150MHz Insertion loss:3 dB Power passing: 500mA Max

Model: DisEqC 8
Weight: 0.04lbs
In Stock: 39


DM500 power supply 12V 2A

 Power supply till DM500

Model: DM500SP
Weight: 0.2lbs
In Stock: 743


DM500HD Satellite receiver

 DM500HD Satellite receiver 10/100MBit compatible Ethernet Interface HDMI connector eSATA  400 MHz MIPS Processor  Linux ... more info

Model: DM500HD
Weight: 2lbs
In Stock: 615


DM7025/800/600 DVB-C Tuner

DVB-C-Tuner: TV und Radioprogramme über den digitalen Kabelanschluss  Eingangsfrequenzbereich: 51...858 MHz  Symbolrate: 1 ... 7 ... more info

Model: DB800CT
Weight: 0.09lbs
In Stock: 900


DM800 cable receiver V84A SIM210

  DM800hD mottagare klar för Comhem kabeltv  DM800HD PVR  har samma storlek som föregångaren DM600 och erbjuder ... more info

Model: DM800HDC
Weight: 2lbs
In Stock: 176


DM800 HD V84A PVR Satellite Receiver with M tuner

   DM800 HD V84A PVR Satellite Receiver with SIM 2.01 M Tuner    DM800HD PVR SatellitMottagare har samma storlek som ... more info

Model: DM800S
Weight: 2lbs
In Stock: 872


DM800 power supply 12V 3A

 Power supply till Dm800

Model: DM800SP
Weight: 0.2lbs
In Stock: 169


DM800HDSE DM800hd S2 Tuner ALPS REV M tuner

DM800HDSE DM800hd S2 Tuner REV M tuner

Model: DM800REVM
Weight: 0.12lbs
In Stock: 961


DM800HDSE DM800hd S2 Tuner BCM 4505 with back cover,replace tune

DM800HDSE DM800hd S2 Tuner BCM 4505 with back cover,replace tuner can work on DM800HD se and Dm800HD ,high quailty .and with cooling fan .More ... more info

Weight: 0.15lbs
In Stock: 346